Hank Snow – She Was Happy Till She Met You lyrics

Written by Jimmie Rodgers
Recorded by Hank Snow

On a bright and sunny day when a young wife went away
From a husband who had filled her heart with pain
On the table laid a note these simple words she wrote
Goodbye I hope we'll never meet again
To her mother she returned for that old home she had yearned
For all the love she had for him had pled
But he sought her out at last with repentance for the past
But her mother met him at the door and said
She was happy till she met you the fault is all your own
If she wishes to forget you please leave her alone
She has come to her old mother because there is no other
She'll be happy in her home sweet home

I have come to say goodbye said the husband with a sigh
Just let me take her to my heart again
Says the mother tis too late all her love has turned to hate
So go your way your pleading are in vain
She's my wife the husband cried you can't take her from my side
The law for bid you part us we are wed
But the mother answered nay she sadly turned away
And once again to him she calmly said
She was happy till she met you...

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