Hank Snow – The Anniversary Of My Broken Heart lyrics

Album: A Fool Such as I

Words & Music by Hank Snow

Darlin? I am, oh so blue, found the things that I gave you.
You returned them when you said that we must part.
I have kept them through the years, they are treasured souvenirs,
And mark an anniversary of my broken heart.

Just a rose from your hair, long ago I placed it there.
Tho? it's faded and the petals fall apart.
And the fragrance went away, but it's just as sweet today,
It marks an anniversary of my broken heart.

A golden ring to me so dear, old love letters stained with tears,
Had I only known the future from the start,
Then there'd be no soul to pine for the love that I thought mine,
Or no anniversary of my broken heart.

Tho? I know it's all in vain, ev'ry treasure will remain
Even tho? the past has torn my world apart.
I kissed your picture, then I cried, for these mem'ries, deep inside
Mark an anniversary of my broken heart.

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