Hank Snow – Wreck Of The No. 9 lyrics

On a dark stormy night
Not a star was in sight,
The North wind came howlin' down the line,
Stood a brave engineer
With his sweetheart so dear
His orders - to pull ol' No. 9.
As she kissed him goodbye with a tear in her eye,
The joy in her heart she could not hide...
And the whole world seemed right
As he left her that night,
For tomorrow she'd be his loving bride.
And the wheels hummed a song
As the train moved along
And the black smoke came pourin' from the stack
And the headlight agleam seemed to brighten his dream
For tomorrow he'd be a-comin' back.
As he turned 'round the hill his brave heart stood still
For a headlight was shinin' on his face.
And he whispered a prayer as he threw on the air
He knew this would be his final brake.
In the wreckage he was found lyin' there on the ground,
He begged them to raise his weary head.
As his breath slowly went, here's the message that he sent to his sweetheart that he had planned to wed:
"There's a little white house I bought for our own,
Where I knew we'd be happy you and I.
And dear I know you've been true, I'll leave it to you;
Until we meet in the Golden Gates, goodbye...
yes until we meet in the Golden Gates, goodbye...
yeah until we meet in the Golden Gates, goodbye..."

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