Hank Snow – You Played Love On The Strings Of My Heart lyrics

Album: Yodelling Ranger

Words & Music by C.E. "Hank" Snow

Last night by my window so lonely,
As I mentioned your name in my prayers,
It seemed I could hear your voice calling
From far out on that ocean of stars.
You whispered my name and I saw you
Descending to me from on high.
I had fallen asleep and was dreaming,
Then awoke, hung my troubled head and cried.

You played love on the strings of my heart dear,
When you whispered "I love only you, just you",
But you broke ev'ry promise little darling,
Now the strings on my heart are broken too.
Oh why did you have to deceive me,
Oh why did you prove so untrue, I'm blue,
Ev'ry string on my heart you have broken,
And darling my heart is broken too.

Then I dreamed of a golden tomorrow,
Of a life filled with treasures for you, just you,
As the moon kissed the gold in your curls dear,
You told me you'd always be true.
But the dawn broke your vows little darling,
I know I can never have you, we're thru',
For that old rising sun then awoke me
So weary in my mind and still blue.


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