Hank Snow – Your Mother Is Praying For You lyrics

Album: Yodelling Ranger

Words & Music by C.E. Snow

Nights may be long, skies may be gray,
Maybe you're worried and blue.
Fear not noble soldier, you've the whole world to gain,
For someday your dreams will come true.

Your mother is praying for you, son,
Tho' she's hiding each tear with a smile,
Asking the Saviour to guide you,
To watch over you all the while,
Fight and be brave for the morrow will drive the dark clouds from the blue
And remember each night say a prayer son
For the one that is praying for you.


Yes soldier you can afford to be brave
Lift high that old banner and long may she wave
Think of that sweetheart so brave and so true
And then think of your old mother who's praying for you.

She thinks your tops cause you went over there to fight
For Canada and for England and all things thats right
So you've no need to worry son how she is at home
Cause she's too busy filling stamp books and paying for bonds.

Just keep up the courage soldier cause one of these days
You'll set the whole wide world free and then back o'er the waves
You'll come sailing a hero to the one that loves you
To that loving old mother who's been praying for you.

Repeat Chorus

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