Hank Williams – Fly Trouble lyrics

Album: The Very Best of Hank Williams

(all lyrics are spoken except 4 the chorus an buzz buzz buzz)
(it's spoken but the words are sed with a hint of beatto them, know wut I mean? )

Did you ever sit straight up in bed
With somethin? a circlin? round ya head
An ya swat at it as it wizzes by
And it's just one pesky little fly

You shake ya head an twitch ya nose
And settle down to sweep ya floors
And when ya just about to dose...fly trouble

(chorus)buzz buzz buzz goes that busy little fly
Buzz buzz buzz he's takin off an hide

You roll the paper up nice and tight
And wait around for him to light
But theirs a fly that's a liven right
Buzz buzz buzz

(band plays)

Now the toughest hide grows on a mule
Cause he's a bulky stuborn fool
He likes to look at yu and glare
An never even move a hair

But when his muscles start to twitch
An when his tail begins to swish
That mule ain't bothered with an itch...fly trouble

(chorus)buzz buzz buzz goes that busy little pest
Buzz buzz buzz that mule can't get no rest

He shakes his head an bats his eye
An kicks his heels up to the sky
Did you ever see a jass ack cry
Buzz buzz buzz

(band plays)

Now you pick a perfect night in june
When flowers are bloomin beneath the moon
And ya light of love is shinin? bright
An you tell ya self tonights the night

Ya brace ya self an ya courage grows
An on ya knees where you would propose
When somethin bights you on the nose...fly trouble

(chorus)buzz buzz buzz goes that busy little thing
Buzz buzz buzz you swat an loose the ring

You fan the air as he goes by
An stick ya finger in your eye
Hit everything except that fly
Buzz buzz buzz

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