Hank Williams – My Love For You (Has Turned To Hate) lyrics

Album: Settin The Woods On Fire

Words and music; Hank Williams
Recorded by Hank Williams, 1948

I'll ne'er forget______that sad, sad day___
Darling that_______you went away_____
You told me that______our love was true_____
And then you left_____me 'lone and blue______
Yes I received_______your note today_______
Saying you'd_________come back and stay_______
Don't come back now_____It is too late_________
My love for you______ has turned to hate________

Don't come back now_____on your knees_______
Trying to take______ me back please______
Cause you can't mend_____my broken heart______
Because it died______When we were apart_______
Yes I received_______Your note today______
Saying you'd______Come back and Stay______
Don't come back now_____It is too late_______
My Love for You_______ Has turned to hate_____

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