Hank Williams – Six More Miles lyrics

Album: The Legendary Hank Williams

(g) oh the rain is slowly fallin?,
And my (c) heart is so (g) sore,
Six more (c) miles and leave my (g) darlin?,
Never on this earth to (d7) meet no (g) more.


(g) six more miles (c) to the (g) graveyard,
Six more miles, long and (d7) sad,
Six more (g) miles and (c) leave my (g) darlin?,
Leave the best (c) friend, I ever (g) had.

(g) oh I hear the train a-comin?,
Bringin? my (c) darlin? back (g) home,
Six more (c) miles, to the (g) graveyard,
And I'll be left here (d7) all a- (g) lone.

Repeat chorus

This verse not on record, but in both early song books:

Left her in that lonely church yard,
Left my darlin? alone,
Now I'm sad, my heart is cryin?,
As I wander thru life alone.

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