Hello, Dolly! soundtrack – Prologue - Call On Dolly lyrics

Album: Hello, Dolly!

Music: Jerry Herman
Lyrics: Jerry Herman
Book: Michael Stewart
Premiere: Thursday, January 16, 1964
Call on Dolly!
She's the one the spinsters recomend
Just name that kind of man your sister wants...
Just name that kind of man your sister wants
And she’ll snatch them up
Don’t forget to bring your maiden aunts and
She’ll match ‘em up.
Call on Dolly!
If your eldest daughter needs a friend
Call on Dolly!
(fade out)
Ambrose Kemper:
Tell me Missus Levi, what's in all this for you?
A living, Mr. Kemper. Some people paint, some sew--
I meddle--

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