Hezekiah Walker – How Many Times lyrics

How many times do i go against your will
Then you forgive me but yet i still
Turn around and do the things
The things i shouldn't do
Caus' i belong to you and
I know you will come through
Lord I know, I take advantage of grace
Here in this christian race
But, yet i still here you calling my name

How many times, will it take for me to learn
That it's only in your will, I'll ever earn
I'll ever earn my life reward
The honor due to me life eternally
Riches in glory
Lord, i know, i know i don't belong
With you cause' i've done wrong
But yet i still hear you calling my name

You're calling my name to come into your arms
To be safe from fear or harm
Knowing this but i still choose togo my way
And you still say, you say that i am He
He who supplies your every need
Oh Lord I've sinned but you're still calling my name.

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