Hombres G – Quiero Llamarte Por Telefono lyrics

Album: Estamos Locos O Que

Where to go...?
There's no way to flow
You left me
Right in the cold

Im an orphan
No one wants me
No one holds me
No identity
THeres no remedy
To whats happening
While youre empty
Take me for granted
Youre all happy
Cause i am handed
Fate to nowhere
And what do i bare
and what can we share
why do i care
is this unfair
should this be my life
youre all that
and you can bet
that im nothing
im just rotten away
and i know
i wont take your way

typical order (typical order)
stereotype (stereotype)
youre in your own world (youre in your own world)
you dont know whats right (you dont know whats right)

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