Hoodrich Pablo Juan – Master Sensei Intro lyrics

Album: Master Sensei

[Intro: Hoodrich Pablo Juan & Mr. Miyagi (Sampled)]
No such thing as bad student, only bad teacher
Teacher say, student do
Yeah, nigga
Louis bag having nigga
Louis duffel bags with the bags in it

[Verse: Hoodrich Pablo Juan]
Coming in with a 18-wheeler, I need somewhere to back in
Wrapping and trapping, I'm going and picking up the front end and the back end
Got a Louis bag with nothing but bags in it
I get it dirt cheap, why the fuck he be taxing?
Free Bloody Black, he got locked up for trafficking
Jamaican weed plug get the brick from Africans
Put the trap in the choke hold, got them tapping in
Ran out of Percs and I'm back on them Vicodins
Everything I do, them niggas be biting it
Go in the booth off the top like I'm writing it
Shit on my mind. I can't do shit but grind
Chopper on me, nigga, you ain't finna take mine
Up all night, go to sleep in the day time
Trap out the trap, phone ring like a chatline
Auntie need the Percocet for her spine
Ain't about money? Don't call, wasting my time
Got my little baby brother with a little baby 9
Don't play 'bout my money, I need every dime
Pussy ass nigga, get the fuck from 'round me
Can't fuck with you niggas, you ain't like my kind
Dance on them work like I'm Deion in his prime
Hit the trap with the bricks, hard punchline
These rapping ass niggas be lying
Lent me that work 'cause he know it be flying
Drinking that Hitech raw like it wine
Fish in the coupe, when I'm cooking, I'm frying
Trapping hard, 25/8, overtime
200, mash the gas, it ain't no finish line
I go to Jeffrey's, I don't wear the Finish Line
I want platinum cookies, but I'll take any kind
In the latest fashion with a hundred dollar line
VIP, never waited in line
Got a box coming in with a dime
My young nigga give me three, sell it in dimes
You a snitch ass nigga, I can see it in yo eyes
Cook up the dope, it gone rise
Put on the Tom Ford like the Master of Disguise
Strapped up with guns, don't come with no knives
Throw him a party, it come with a prize
Candler Road, nigga, we call it 1'5
I got the babies, these niggas just whine
I got on jewelry like I'm already signed
Master Sensei, I break up the bricks
Take out a 9 and I spend it at Phipps
2 .38s on me like I got hips
I'm in the hood where the drugs get dealt

[Outro: Hoodrich Pablo Juan]
Yeah, nigga
You know what's going on, Pablo Juan, nigga
Off the top, nigga
I know they be hating and you know what the fuck going on, nigga
Yeah, real nigga shit, man
You know where to find me at, nigga
Pussy ass nigga, y'all niggas ain't [?]

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