Hoodrich Pablo Juan – No Hooks lyrics

Album: MONY POWR RSPT: Designer and Drugz Edition

My Rollie mixed with Swiss and African
Pablo, my last name is Majesty
These bitches treat me like your majesty
You ignorant, I do the backward flips
The Acura got me accurate
I used to traffic, now I package it
I'm politicking, switching continents
Got different plugs internationally
They smell the dope that I'm cooking by the fences
Had to go buy acres for where I'm living
I bought a mansion and I wasn't even trapping
Neighborhood watch say I'm beating my children
Fuck it, trap right in front of the building
Got the white girl for the young like Matilda
A trip to the country with trunks of the midget
Shoot them a three like my name Reggie Miller
Granddad was a gangsta
What the fuck you think that made me?
R.I.P. to Pops
He taught a younger child how to whip up them babies
Never clocked into a nine-to-five
Go get the clock, turn the five to a nine
Strap on me, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
The dispensary and the pharmacy
Professor in chemistry
A lot of these fuck niggas envy me
The junkies need me for their energy
Your bitch popped the molly with Hennessy
Text me the next day, she missing me
Bitch better miss me
Trapping, I'm trying to get rich or die trying
Vitaminwater and Coca-Cola like I'm 50

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