Jay Williams And Total Praise – Do It Again Lord lyrics

Album: Praise Experience II

Lord I need a blessing
Send your power down
You've blessed me before
Dear Lord I'm asking you to do it again

If he did it before, I know he can do it again
Do it again lord

Do it again lord
Do it again lord
Bless me oh lord, again

In times like these
We really nee the Lord
To heal, change, and restore
Just like he's did before
Lord come on and see about me
We're your children and need a blessing
Do it again Lord

Altos: Bless me
Sop/Tenors: Bless me
Altos: I need
Sop/Tenors: I need
Altos: A blessing
Sop/ Tenors: A blessing

Do It Again Lord
Bless Me

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