Juicy J – Back on the Porch lyrics

Album: Rubba Band Business

Trap-A-Holics bitch

Say man, what it is man?
Man chilling man, ain't seen you in bout three four years my man
Man three four years man? You tripping like a motherfucker, man
Man shit
What you been up to though?
Man chilling
When last time you seen Earl?
Juicy J man, when the last time you seen Juicy J man?
Man shit, not too long ago. What's the word though?
When the last time you seen him?

Man nigga don't fuck with me no more. Nigga went Hollywood man. don't even fuck with me no more
Doing his thang though
[?] He can do his thing and still holla at nigga, shit
I'm trying to drink me some whiskey mane. You got a beer or something man?
I got a little something for you man
Let me crack one of them beers or something man

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