Juicy J – Outro [Must Be Nice] lyrics


Bitch, get up Bitch!
Suck a niggr dick bitch
Yeah, hoe

[Juicy J]
They wanna know what i'm worth
Tell em i'm 50 ,tell em i'm an animal
I got the shit out the dirt
Fuck your lil turf
I won, the heir
So get out the way or get hurt
You know that money come first
And I got used to the thirst
I'm trynna teach you a lesson
I'm trynna come with some blessings
They come with no curse
I hope you're ready for war
I never seen one that didn't come with a hearse
Even my bitches be ready
They riding around with one in their purse
How did they get to this?
Lemme tell you again that i'm filthy rich
I done seen it and done it and done it again
You watching and talking and hoping and wishing
I'm living it
There!, we just making it rain
I hit them bitches with bands(bands, bands, bands)
I make a bitch wanna dance
I wanna give her a chance(chance,chance, chance)
I make a bitch wanna make me her plan
I make a bitch wanna make me her man
I be too busy, don't focus on paper
And block them shots that be coming from haters
Did a song with Katy Perry
Bank account looking very
Very, very, Very scary
To these other rappers,don't compare me
To these other rappers i'm the blue print
Like Jay-Z, or 9 eleven
She didn't really believe i live in paradise
Till she walked in and seen heaven
My niggrs been through hell
Let us out them cells
On the block you really can't major in
Nothing else but sales
And this might give you chills
The police got them cameras on em
My people still getting killed
So i gotta choppa and i got a pump
I eat your dinner and i eat your lunch
You looking for seconds
I'm coming for thirds, Ain't no competition
Cause i eat em up, Niggr!
And i still ain't finished cause that ain't enough
They say they want action, i'm calling it bluff
My niggrs bout action, i'm calling em up
You in the league but no, you not balling like me
I'm something like MVP
Started with nothing, was down on my last
Then I got off my ass, now i'm up on my feet
I've been up for like a week
Segregated from the sleep
Segregated from the weak
Meditating with the peace, Niggr!
And I ain't nothing but at peace
They thought it was over, i'm back in this bitch
And these niggrs deceased, Yeah they dead!
That's what happens when coming for me
Ain't no lacking
I'm packing i'm stacking these racks up in that brand new louis V
I got bands, bands,bands on me
Now she wanna dance, dance, dance on me
Got zanz, zanz ,zanz on me
Now she wanna put her friend hands on me
Yeah, that sound good , we don't need a plan B
Every given day, A hundred bands on me
A G for the G's these days sounds cheap
Two hundred fifty thou, we just had a slow week
(and we will never stop doing this shit, get used to it)
Ay, my niggr, for booking shows(coughs)
First of all you wanna book a show
You gotta hit that Mother fucking bag
Hit up my niggr Ray at 901 292 O 7 95
I'm high as a motherfucker, you know what i'm saying
Oh yeah man, my niggr, you know, go check out my weed
Green suicide, at your local dispensaries, right now go
And get that shit man, green suicide is soul fire(coughs)
I'm telling you my niggr, shit crazy

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