Juicy J – Side A Outro lyrics

Album: Volume 10: Chronicles of the Juice Manne

[Intro: Juicy J]
Hey Nigga, Im Yo' worst Nightmare
So wake yo' muthafuckin' Azz up
Juicy Lowdown Muthafuckin' J in this bitch fo' tha 9-trae (3)
Sayin' whatsup to the Triple Six Mafia, and the Souljaz from tha Northside
D-Magic, Project-Muthafuckin'-Pat, "?"
My Nigga I didn't smoke Acidic, Big Chucky in this Bitch
My Nigga Andre Wallace (?)
You know im what im sayin'
Gotta say whatsup, To all the Muthafuckas that stayed down from Day 1
And don't forget about that muthafuckin' Project Pat Solo Tape comin' out soon fo' ya' Azz

We gon' do dat shit
(Oh) Escape from Hell, Volume Muthafuckin' 8
You still ain't takin' this Bitch Muthafucka'
You still ain't escaped
You still doin' the same ole' Shyt
(Escape from hell)
Escape From Hell (Escape From Hell)
Escape from Hell (From Helllllll)

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