Karen Carpenter – If I Had You lyrics

Album: Karen Carpenter

I wouldn't have the TV in the bedroom
I wouldn't have this teardrop in my eye
I wouldn't need the radio to be my lullaby
If I had you, if I had you

I wouldn't need the sun to light the morning
If I could have your love to light my night
I'd never for a second keep our love from burnin' bright
If I had you in my life

If I had you again
I wouldn't be the fool I've been
If I had you again
I'd never let the lovin' end
If I had you again
I'd show you baby you're the only one

So say that you believe in second chances
And say you'll let me be with you tonight

If you'll take my hand I'll show you just how love
Could be so right
If I had you, if I had you

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