Kenny Rogers – Kids lyrics

Kids, kids, Christmas is for kids
Look around and you will see
Kids from one to ninety-three
Laughin', lovin' life and bein' kids.

Kids, kids, Christmas is for kids
Kids like you and little brother
Aunts and uncles, dads and mothers
Grandma, grandpa an' all the other kids.
Daddy runs the 'lectric train
While all the children wait in vain
To take their turn
At playin' engineer.
Grandpa catches grandma's cheek
And all the family sneaks a peak
And suddenly
Their wrinkles disappear.

Take a look at Betty Joe
Underneath the mistletoe
Pretending that
She doesn't know it's there.
And in the front yard Uncle Mike
Just fell off brother's brand new bike
There's Christmas cheer
And laughter everywhere.

Kids (kids), kids (kids)
Christmas is for kids
Christmas time is here again
And now it's when the fun begins
This time of year we all turn into kids...

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