Kenny Rogers – Missing You lyrics

Missing you
( rick giles / susan longacre 9

I live for the phone I die for the mail
I took your picture right off the nail
And put it right by my bed
So I could see you instead
Of the darkness of night

I hold conversations with you in my mind
They only tighten this knot deep inside
And the aching won`t end
`til I hold you again
If I only suvive

Why did you have to go
Why am I missing you so
One heartbeat at a time
I`m going out of my mind
Missing you, missing you.

I started a letter, I stared at your name
There wasn`t a line that didn`t echo my pain
There was no sound at all
But the slow lonely fall
Of an unspoken tear


Life may take us in different directions
But I always end up deeper, deeper in my true affection


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