Kenny Rogers – Prairie Wedding lyrics

We only knew each other by letter,
when I met her over the train,
when the smoke cleared and the dust was still,
she was standing there speaking my name.

I guarantee she looked like an angel,
I couldn't think of what I should say,
but when Adam saw Eve in the garden,
I believe he felt the selfsame way.

I handed her up on the wagon,
and I loaded up her trunk behind,
she was sitting up there with the gold in her hair,
I tried to get a hope on my mind.

You think that you could love me, Mary? ,
you think we got a chance of a life,
do you think that you could love me, Mary?
Now you are to be my wife.

We finally headed out of the station,
and drove up my home trail,
and when we came to the farm she laid a hand on my arm,
I thought my resolution would fail.

Now froze as she stepped thru the doorway,
and I stood there as still as could be,
I said: ?I know, it ain't much it needs a woman's touch,
perhaps she turned around and looked at me?.

Do you think that ...

We had a prairie wedding,
there was a preacher and a neighbor or two,
I gave my golden thing, a gold wedding ring,
and the both of us said ?I do?.

Now when the sun is going down in the prairie,
and the golden hair is a flame,
I say ?do you really love me, Mary??
I hold her and I whisper her name.

Do you think that ...

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