Kenny Rogers – Tears In God's Eyes lyrics

One man can't sleep in his penthouse bed,
Wall Street worries fill his head,
while another man dreams,
in his cardboard shed on Broadway.

Early morning traffic jam,
wake up call for both of them,
will work to eat
asks easy street for small change.

And which one needs it more,
the rich man or the poor,
a change of heart and attitude,
unselfishness meets gratitude.

It's enough to put tears in God's eyes,
enough to make the angels cry,
when the power of love lifts someone above,
the emptiness of their unbearable life,
it's enough to put tears in God's eyes.

Late at night a baby cries,
his mother gives him life then dies,
but no one even by them to be sad.
And another woman fills the need,
it's her heart and his mouth she'll feed,
when she gives her love to the child she never had.

Oh, and which one needs it more,
it's hard to say for sure,
when something grows, when nothing was
as strong as any bond of blood.

It's enough to put ?

Every minute, every day
a little miracle's done,
someone opens up their heart
and lets it shine like the sun,
just the light of that one.

It's enough to put ?

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