Kenny Rogers – There You Go Again lyrics

Album: There You Go Again

There you go again
You take my breath away
The way you looked just then
Moves me more than words can say
Just about the time I think
I couldn't love you any more
Well then
There you go again

You're still amazing me
I shouldn't be surprised
You'd think I'd know by now
But you get me every time
The love you give,
Your tender kisses
Take me places I have never been
There you go again.

There you go
How'd you know
Sometimes it's like you almost read my mind
Just when I need you most
There you go again.

You know it's hard for me
To tell you how I feel
I want you in my life
And I always will
Cause no elxe can touch you
When it comes to lovin' me
The way you can
There you go again.
There you go
There you go again.

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