Kodak Black – Kodak 2013 lyrics

Album: Before The Album

Uhuh-uhuh (Fred)
Project baby nigga
Gang nigga
ATV sing
Quill lemme show you how I live nigga
Project baby section 8 nigga
Let get it, let get it

When I jumped off the porch, man, yeah, I'm out
Ain't no turning 'round, ain't even look back at my house
I fell in love with money, fuck school, man, I'm out
Youngin' thugin', the new lil' nigga on the block
This is how I live, show you how it go down
Need to get from out my circle nigga, you not my round
Lil' paper chaser, lil' moneymaker
Smooth nigga, risk-taker, heartbreaker, who I just wanna lay up (Oh, man)
Pennylose, Polo down, slats on, gettin' money like I'm Mark Jacobs
And pleasе, don't think I'm trippin'
But I need their opinion, nigga, this is how I'm livin' (Uhu, uhu)
Project baby, I ain't crazy, not really (Ooo)
Ooh, thеy say I'm ADD, they say I'm silly
Young nigga, go-getter, I hit the store and made a killin'
'Cause, nigga, this is how I'm feelin', and this the way I grind (Uhu, uhu)
I'm 'cross-town with a pocket full of bricks, I got dubs, I got dimes
I- Nigga, this how I ride
Car washed window down, I got my Rollie stickin' out
Niggas want it, niggas throw me any prize
'Cause, nigga, I ain't buy, shit I got it outta house
Tryna make it out, B-E-T, and let my chain swing
I'm tired of robbin', but this how I maintain
Wanna ride on dubs, with my song playin'
Right in the club, with my wrist on bling
Fast livin' switching lanes
I don't fuck round with no lanes
Nigga, this how I do my thang
Fresh fade, fresh J's (Oh man)
This how Ray's lil' nigga big bang
Elite status, but this is how I move to GA
Finesse your flex, runnin' through cheques every day, so I'm payed
A ratchet nigga, I keep my ratchet nigga
If you a square then I light you just like some matches nigga
And I'm gon' blow, and still be that lil' savage nigga
Watchu mean? I'm gettin' green, no cabbage nigga
I say don't mean, I'm stackin' it like some paddocks nigga
Hoppin' like rabbits, eat carrots, saw me like salyis nigga
Paper-like packets nigga
Wylin' I'm drivin' no license, crack a Bahama, he slimin' and grimin', always tryna catch a nigga
Kodak nigga
What? This how I live nigga (Ghetto child)
How I live nigga
Fresh fade, fresh J's
Lil' nigga big bank
Project baby

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