Konrad Oldmoney(Ft.Johnny Gr4ves) – We Got The Spin lyrics

Album: Beyblade Burst Surge Opening theme song

First Verse:We got the spin,spin,spin,Here in our hands ignite the fire.
We got the win,win,win,Sparking it up down to the wire.
We got the spin here in hands we burning brighter.
We got the win,win,win
We let it,so we let it:We Let It:
Rip! Rip! rip! Rip!rip! Rip! rip!We Let It:Rip!rip!Rip!rip!
(Beyblade rip,rip)(What?)
Rip, Beyblade,rip, Beyblade,rip!(Beyblade Burst)We Let It Rip,rip,rip,Rip!(Beyblade Burst Surge)(False??)
Second Verse:
I'm a legend,(They want)
(Revolution bring on!)
(Watch grab in the ring.)
(In the rain)(Knock out-)
I'm next,level (pick it up,)
(Fight your battle,bounce up)
(Where spark where's,the fire it ain't there.)
We got the spin,spin,spin,Turn my hands iginte the fire,we got the win,win,win.(Sparking It up down to the wire)
We Got the win,win,win..(We Let It,So we let it)
(What?:Rip! rip! rip! Rip! rip! Rip! Rip!We Let It rip! Rip! (Beyblade )Rip,rip! Rip,Beyblade,rip!(Beyblade Burst)we let it rip..rip..rip..(Beyblade Burst Surge)We Let it rip!

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