Kris Kristofferson – Dakota (The Dancing Bear) lyrics

Midnight touch the black hills westward on the run
Crimson clouds to the eastward painted by the setting sun
Oh Jesse drove the pickup I slipped to the radio
With some good time behind us and some good times ago
Well we pulled into the station for some water and some gasoline
I jumped when I heard sweet Jesse from the pong when she let out of scream
Oh come here quick I said hon grab your boots and comb your hair
Do believe the fellow here's got an old pet dancin' bear
Dance dance Dakota dance dance until the break of day
Me and sweet Jesse ain't never seen a bear like that dance that well
It's a one step two step three step four
A bottle of soda and he'll dance some more
Dance dance Dakota dance dance around the country store

There was set up camp in the pick up and we stayed a better day or two
Me and my baby are ramblin' around we couldn't think of nothing better to do
Jesse blow the mouth harp Dakota done the pack and wing
I broke all the strings off my Fender guitar and we began to sing
Dance dance Dakota dance...
Dance dance Dakota dance dance around the country store

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