Kris Kristofferson – The Stranger I Love lyrics

Album: Surreal Thing

I've been a simple man, and I've been insane
I've been a vagabond, and I've been a king
But I've been a better man just tryin' to please
The stranger I love

Lost in the wilderness, darker than pain
And drawn to her loneliness, just like a flame
The closer we come, the more that I lean
The stranger I love

Bad as I loved her, I ain't afraid
We'll be together, some lovin' way
I'll be her lover just as long as I can
Then when it's over, she'll need a friend

So I'll take her hand-me-downs; I'll take the blame
I'll ba a hang-around; I ain't ashamed
'Cause the longer I love her, the more I believe
The stranger I love

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