Kumbia Kings – Under My Skin lyrics

Album: 4

I feel you under my skin [4x]
ohhhhhh alright oh baby

From the very first time
I looked into your eyes I couldnt deny
those hips those thighs
make me wanna eat you up like my mama's pie
I'd be like 40 days and 40 nights just to make you my queen
you make a fool of a man turn him straight when you hit the scene
Im like a voter girl you got me rock hard
Ide be like a baby boy with a brand new toy tear you hard
you got me slobbering, drewling
thinking X rated
you always on my mind and oohh I just hate it
you butt nakid with water glistening all over your body
visoins of us ice crust getting naughty
Heavenly father forgive me for theses type of sins
but this girl that I feel is under my skin

I feel you under my skin
this time I sink you in
I feel you under my skin
Im going crazy for you baby
I feel you under my skin
dont know when to begin
I feel you under my skin
I want to love to let you in

yo check,check,what creep in tha club like what
mami ven aqi wit yo big o butt
looking at me strange in a b like huh
looking at me weird like you want some
When I was young nobody paid attention
look at me now Im making millions
split my style cuz you know its different
tell me girl whats really going on
body so good got me feeling
you know I never be teasing
baby back it up in my direction
give it to me to have our own session
like R.kelly put my key in your ignitoin
sex on the beach is my prediction
got me dreaming, sceaming
lets get this hott tub steaming
dont know the reason its open season
so cold im freazing but Im not seasing
so go ahead and give me your pleasing
come on girl tell me what your feeling
like Marvin Gay, I got that huh I got that what
I got that sexual healing


How you doing baby
yo how you doing boo
o girl you looking at me
cause Ive been looking at you
so how you doing baby
yo how you doing boo
o girl you looking at me
cause Ive been looking at you
girl Ive been feeling you
ever since the time I see you
give me the time of day
and I'll be quick to be there
so fast so quick in a hurry
so sweet like a flurry
lets come together in one room like a grand jury
Come on, cause I have gotto keep it real
to show you how I feel
My secrets' bout to be revealed
I got to break it down


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