Kyla – Feel lyrics

Album: Beautiful Days

Oh, just as soon as I get home
I’m gonna get you on the phone
I’m gonna tell you what is on my mind
I’m gonna tell you what is on my mind
I’m gonna put this thing in drive
I finally build up the nerve
So forget about what you heard
“Cause baby boy what you heard it’s not my word
(It’s not my word)

This is how I feel, baby
I think that maybe
You’re not like the other guys
Something tells me Mr. Right
My mind and body’s open
This time I’m really hopin’
That maybe I have finally found the one
This is how I feel
La, la, la, la

Oh if it’s cool I’d like to try, us
Baby you and I, us
Holdin hands in the public eye
Can we give it a try, baby do or die, yes
Out my mouth baby you’re the one for me
You’re the one
(Yes, that’s my word)

So I’m a, drop this in ya ear
Bette listen up loud and clear
Cause there’s a strong possibility that you’re for me

(Repeat Chorus)

I want to get closer and closer
I need you right here with me
We can ride from the east to the west coast
Wouldn’t that be so sweet
From V.A. to L.A. under palm trees
Where the climate is so sexy
We can switch from slow to the fast lane
Either way

(Repeat Chorus)

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