Kyla – Oooh Your Love lyrics

when we kiss under the moon
all the flowers start to bloom

i see the love begins to rule
when we touch, i can feel the heat

my heart pumps up into a beat
i close my eyes and fantasize

i thought the love had ever died
you stop the tears i cried

(my walls of heartache break)
it's breaking my heart
(you are my holiday babe)
yes it's you, i'll say this to you

(oooh your love)
so exciting when you make your move
deep inside, i can work you so smooth
(ooh your love)
love is always there
can't find the words to say
(ooh your love)
like a fire burns in me concentrates, stimulates
(oooh your love)
loves a parasite, driven from the sky

you can take the sun and moon
all i ever need is you
you made my dreams become so true
ecstacy cannot be measured

repeat refrain
repeat chorus

through the storm so nice and warm
boy you know just what i want
when i think about love
i run out of breath, i started to shake

repeat chorus to fade

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