Lil Duke – Stand Up Niggas lyrics

Album: Blue Devil

TM X Wheezy on the beat you know
Thats a hell of a collaboration

[Verse 1: Lil Duke]
My bitch go hard but you let her
We out and you know that you can't scare us
We gonna go get the money can’t fear us
Riding in some shit from Fast and the Furious
They love to deliver it, look at my history
Boy I been winning, don't get nothing but victories
And I been smoking the shit like a hickory bush
Screaming out church you could say that I’m pimpin em

[Chorus: Lil Duke]
Start in the streets then I took off with rap
40K riding on my lap, come around play and get clapped
Fuck all the fake hugs and daps
Where my stand up niggas at?
Real niggas, Real niggas, Real niggas, Real niggas, Real niggas
Where my niggas that really count them checks?
Cash cash cash cash cash cash guap guap guap
We didn’t grew here but we flew here on a private jet
Young nigga but we been had money power respect

[Verse 2: Lil Duke]
Play with that money have me aimin' at your head
Boy we done ran it up shootout lil set and baby
Running with zoes like I’m Haitian
Work the pot like I'm Jamaican
I want my white bitch to have my lil baby
And she wanna pamper me like I'm a baby
Crack era born in the 80's
Popping these pills and I'm faded (percs)
Just did a interview with Fader, fuck all the fakes and the haters
Maision Margiela don't do alligator
She just wanna stare she think that I'm crazy
Been in the streets since I jumped off the pavement
Had to persuade her right none this shit paid me
Selling out shows right in vegas
Jumping in crowds and we wavin'
That shit swagged up you know, I did that shit off the top of my head
Now I'mma let thug get you bitch ass niggas

[Verse 3: Young Thug]
Bae would you ride? Bae would you die? bitch you lied
I looked in your eyes, I seen it, you disguised it, dirty bitch
My pockets on swole like a Rising, no way I can hide it
No way to buy her buy her buy her tried it
My flow nasty like a diet, these bitches looking so excited
These bitches get a nigga indicted, they back stabbing they knifing
Tie her like Riley, shoot the back like Ricky no smiley
Say hi to Hannah Montana, I told her I was on Molly
I seen a breeze down in Cascade
Stretched her out like elastic
Serving robin no basket
Denim great like raspberry
Got her down to her knees, no mecry
Bitch trynna trappin' on these, yeah yeah yeah
I saved up and bought my mom a house
I left the condo I done left the couch, never going back in and out
I done found a better route, what the fuck is you tellin bout
Baby I'm the tooth fairy, I'm takin your dentures out
I’m blue like Belly, geeked up take your medicine out
I’m the flyest tooth fairy, flying round a pussy nigga house
I just wanna dress fly lil baby
I just wanna drive the Bentley 'round
I just wanna be quiet baby, I just want y'all to hear me out
Oh Yeah, Aye, Yeah Yeah Yeah, Oh, Oh Oh, Aye, Yeah
Aye, woah

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