Lil Duke – Uberman 2 Intro lyrics

Album: Uberman 2

Came out the trenches
You know that streets raised me
And if you ain’t talkin’ money
Fuck you and pay me
I dropped a [?] right in the pot
Brought back a brand new Mercedes
I’ve been like fuck the world lately
She wanna swallow my babies
We sippin’ hot tea
I’m in the band new casino, we just made a bag
My niggas violent, [?] my shows and go when I say
I want the [?] but the stars in
I send my picture at bar babe
We get free bands when we ball mane
Middle finger up to all haters
Ferrari’s and Lamb’s
I made them know who I am
I’m gon’ stay poppin’ on ‘gram
I’m gon’ stay nuttin’ like tan
My niggas call out the clam
All of them talkin’ them bands
We had to stick to the plan
I give them all that I can
We livin’ life fast forward
220 on the dashboard
I want that Land no Honda Accord
Came to the show, drippin’ sharp as a sword
I’m in that lane like a Dodger
You niggas don’t want no problems
I told them to pull up, I told them [?]
When they pull up we gon’ rob them
I knew I had it
Stood out in the hood like a [?], so try not to sound arrogant
And I’ve been having it, and I’m so passionate
All these bitches harassing me, I put them bands in the back [?]
You niggas ain’t makin’ noise
I’m gettin’ fetty and I’m with the fetty boys
Ya don’t got to worry, they’ve got all the chores
Chopper stay clappin’, soundin’ like a applause
Whatever she said
Jump out the Porsche and I bought me a strap
I jumped in the defense
Y’all niggas late need to catch up
Hit a nigga, hit him from the neck up
Pussy niggas know they gon’ spare cuz
[?] gang need a check up
I’m ‘bout to get a new [?]
See the hoe wearin’ I back up
Neighbourhood [?] when we flagged up
My niggas rollin’ that Active
I’m tryin’a make my mama proud
I’m tryin’a go platinum
I’ma go buy her a house
I’ma go buy her a Phantom
We sippin’ on mud, pourin’ fours in Fanta
That pussy got a smell, she a dirty dancer

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