Lucky Dube – Can't Blame You lyrics

Album: House of Exile

Trying so hard not to cry
Since they say man ain't supposed to cry
But these tears keep running from my eyes
I remember the day I came to the city.
My children were crying
My wife was scared
She's gonna lose me
To the girls in the city
To make her feel alright I
said it's impossible
But I was wrong

Can't blame you when you're going
This is something you've got to do
You've got to go ho ho.
You've been keeping me here all these years as your private lover
Letters came from home
But I never answered
'Till tonight when I got this letter
From my little daughter saying
"Missing you daddy."
It's time to go.

Can't blame you (as above)

See me now, see me no more
I heard that whistle blow
I knew it's time to go
Sitting here in this train
Going so fast past the trees
I'm thinking of words to apologize
'Cause sorry ain't enough

Can't blame you (till fade)

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