Lucky Dube – Feel Irie lyrics

Album: Serious Reggae

How long shall you carry
That burden on your shoulders?
How long shall those tears
Keep rolling down
Your beautiful face?
We all have troubles
Now and again, know what I'm saying?

No matter how hard we try,
Trouble will find us one way or another.
People had trouble since the pope
Was an alter boy
People had worries from when the
Dead sea was only critical.
Hear those drums rolling
Listen to those guitars skanking
Yeah... Put a smile on your face
Don't let the troubles get you down,
Let me tell you how we feel...

We feel irie
Do you feel like we do

No man can hide from his fears
Since they are part of him
They'll always know where to find him,
Come on and walk tall and
Keep your head high

I tell you again and again
Put a smile on your face,
Don't let the troubles
Get you down

Chorus till fade

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