Lucky Dube – Life In The Movies lyrics

Album: Trinity

Warning, this is the chief of police speaking,
Do not steal Police hate competition.

Where we gonna run
Where we gonna hide
You've got the right to remain silent,
But forever they were brought here to protect us
They were brought here not to hurt
But now they hurt us everyday
You see, police have joined forces
With criminals
Don't steal, police hate competition.
We can't sit down - something must be done

Catching the bad guys in real life
Is not as easy as it is in the movies.

We see James Bond (007)
Eddie Murphy (Beverly Hills Cop)
Chasing bad guys all the time

But police in real life
Have joined forces with criminals
Don't steal, police hate competition
We can't sit down - something must be done.

Our life has got to be like
Life in the movies
Where the good guys always
Win in the end


Life in the movies

How can we expect them
To serve and protect
The community, if they themselves
Are the bad guys
Police have joined forces with criminals
Stand up and fight, no one is safe

Chorus till fade...

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