Migos – Unleashed lyrics

Album: Back to the Bando

[Verse 1]
The people they doubted me (huh?)
Sub-Zero tried to put a freeze on me
Take a xanny nigga they sleep on me
Plottin' on me from the top widows peak on me
See me but act like they don't, hide n' seek on me
Know when it's Christmas, they come down your chimney
You know these bitches fuckin' for a fee
No it ain't Halloween but I still trick or treat
When we drop Versace niggas they copy me
Made the stocks go up and we didn't get no profits ('sace)
Ain't trippin' on no money Donatello got it
Yung Rich Nation clothes the new Versace (Yung Rich Nation)
Migos in trouble (no), Migos the topic (no)
Migos go gold, don't wanna talk about it (no)
We brought the bando into existence (bando!)
I should tax every one of you niggas that rap about it (nah, forreal)

[Verse 2]
She rolling on the floor, Scotty 2 Hotty
Pull up in Bugattis and my plug is Scottish (Scottish)
Double cup me like I'm Tunechi
Bitch lookin' just like Karrueche
Set that bitch up like I'm Queen Latifboosie
I'm at this point in my life, man, free Gucci
YRN the label, a nigga recruitin'
Spendin' the money, make it back recoupin'
Hop out the Phantom, watch me like a movie
Niggas lookin' funny and I advise you not to do it
No I'm not trippin', I'm clutchin' on my pistol 'cause I cannot wait to use it

Aye Takeoff look here, I just talked to Rel Money, Rel Money say he gon' link me up with y'all and maybe we can god damn
Say you Offset remember we can get high
I just seen Offset the other day man he call me the next week
If I wanna get into it with the honcho all I gotta do is make that situation happen homie

[Verse 3]
I been locked up in the studio twenty four, young nigga feelin' like Django
Fuck it my nigga, make somethin' out of nothin'
You need an example my nigga, the bando
I'm 'bout that dollar, dollar call me Creflo
You fuck with my people, get the People's Elbow
Molly castle lookin' like a marshmallow
Breakin' my wrist gave the pot a falsetto
Graduated from the ghetto

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