Ocean Colour Scene – Hoping You`re Making It Too - So Low B-side lyrics

Don't let my feet get off the ground
Today I'm glad to be standing here
But all the time I spent tunnelling down
To some place where I'm not so clear

I've been holding out for this time
Standing straight in my own line
Was hoping you're making it too

All the hours we were learning to fly
We're chasing night-lights round the room
I can never repay when I learnt from you
I know you're seeing it your own way too

Your head just went for another walk
But it's coming home and it hangs in the hall
Your head in your hand as you're suffering
But you I know what state you're in

Fall on my knees and my hair rolls around
But even on my knees I know I can stand
If it's coming home it's coming for you
I can see me standing with Dunston and you

I've been holding out for my neighbour
Standing straight for my brother
Was hoping you're making it too

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