Official – Anything U Want lyrics

f/ Lil Wayne

* first single off "Tellin' Our Story"

[Lil Wayne]
what,what...what what...Unplugged,Lil Weezy
wha,wha,what,what...wha,wha,what what...

[Chorus-Official](Lil Wayne)
I'll buy your clothes,and anything that you want from me(Anything)
Ain't nothin' but a thang to me
Ain't nothin' but some chance for me(Make It Count)
And I'll ice you out,and anything that you want from me(Anything)
Ain't nothin' but a thang to me(Ain't nothin')
Ain't nothin' but some chance for me

[Stormy Dai]
What 'cha need,what 'cha need,
Ba-by tell me,first let me tell you
What you've gotta doOo, "Girl It Ain't" sweet
So don't you try "To Play Me"
Cause I can make you "Hate Me"
If you give me your love,I could give you anything...


Those Shian Gobana,Feni Faragama
Lemme know,its just fo' show,HOooOoe oOooH,
Platinum Ice see crowda',anything you wanna
It's cool wit' me,If you my ShortYyYy yEeAaH yEeEaAaH


[Lil Wayne]
Hey you know one thing,Wayne got chedda'
Get you a platinum piece-ice every letter
Gucci shoes,Prada dress,Mink sweater
Full of summer hot,red hummer,pink leather
Don't she combine the Chanel,wat'eva
Me and you up in the 2-seat Compressor
Drop the top on the 2-G Porche Carrera
Let cha' hair down,won't cha' fly like feathers
Hot Boy,you know,Big Tymer,ya heard
I cut on +Tha Block Is Hot+ you better sing every word
I like my women-topless,Bentley-topless,20's-spotless
(*Clears Throat*)Ugh Hmm-stop it
Me and Unplugged,we some thugs,can't change us
Better get it right,I send you back to where you came from
Give me all the ice,all the clothes,all the stacks
Drop it at the door cause I'm all my back...

[Chorus-Official 2x]

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