Ol' Dirty Bastard – Lift Yah Skirt lyrics

Album: A Son Unique

[Intro: Ol' Dirty Bastard]
Turn it up!

[Ol' Dirty Bastard]
One nigga, two nigga, three nigga, four
One of you niggaz is about to get fucked up
It's the Ol' Dirt McGirt, live and uncut
Live and uncut, ready to bust some nut
Like when I first came home, I boned Simone
Fucked her so hard, pussy started to groan
Seven in the morn', woked up and yawned
The bitch scrambled my eggs, she wrote me a song
(Sing it!) It's all because of Dirt Dog
That the reason I took my skirt off
You went away -- now I'm back with The Roc
And this is where the bullshit stop
Plus these voices in my head, want me to go back
Pick up your guns, don't take your Prozac
Ritalin, Codelin, Zoloft, cocaine
Wu-Tang, nigga, it's the new John Coltrane

[Chorus: girl (Ol' Dirty Bastard)]
Dirt Dog, Dirt Dog, you our man
If you can't do it, then no one can
(Mr. McGirt, gonna get you dirty
Lift up yah skirt, I'm gonna get you dirty)
Dirt Dog, Dirt Dog, you our man
If you can't do it, then no one man
(It's The Roc in the house, gonna get you dirty
The Wu-Tang Clan gonna get you dirty)

[Ol' Dirty Bastard]
Enough to make a nigga, go crazy
Shut down the Grammy's, ask my grammy
Wu-Tang for the kids, but your host can't stand me
Wu-Tang for the kids, bust them off for family
Catch me on Disney (ma, who is he?)
Down Dirty, stinky, grime and grizzly
Old man McGirt, lookin' under your skirt
Fucked the pussy til' it's orange, like Ernie and Bert
Like, ooh, nigga, I'm burnin' up
She said, ooh, nigga, I'm burnin' up
Meth got the weed, we can burn it up
I told the D.J., nigga, turn it up
I want a girl that help me take my medication
Or I don't end up at the police station
I don't wanna go back to the police station
They tried to send Dirt on a long vacation


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