Oleta Adams – You Need To Be Loved lyrics

Album: Moving On

Somebody tell me
What's all the fuss
If there's a problem
I know we'll work it out
I'm not here to judge you
And I won't place the blame
My mind is open
I'm just glad you came to me
This thing is easy to see

You need to be loved
Like a child out in the cold
With loving hearts surrounding you
And someone to hold
Who'll give you back your confidence
To find your way home to joy
To peace, to love

You're like a flower
Deprived of the rain and light
It starts to wither
The beauty fades from sight
But deep down under
The soil and faded leaves
A bud is growing
Some tenderness is all it needs
To awaken the beauty that sleeps

[To chorus]

Ther's nothing wrong with the way you were created
It's all part of the master plan
He doesn't make mistakes
You've just got what it takes
To make you into a better man

[To chorus]

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