Omarion – Diamonds & Hennessy (feat. Audio Push) lyrics

[Verse 1: Omarion]
Diamonds all in my Hennessy
I see the world a little differently
Faded off that Chris Brown
Boy you know I run this town
Gold chain but no Mr. T
And your girl rolling up the tree
Cause she just like to be around
And occasionally get taken down
So more bottles get sent to me
And that means more models up in my suite
Cause I'm feeling like I made it now
But I'm really about to pass out

Don't really want to miss a thing but
I'm just too damn faded (Woah)
And this is the American Dream
And I don't even got to chase it
Cause there's diamonds all in my Hennessy (Oh Yeah [x5])
I got diamonds all in my Hennessy (Alright [x5])

[Verse 2: Omarion]
It's Diamonds all in my Hennessy
I'mma toast it up for good energy
Girl, I just thought that you should know
I got an elevator in my condo
Versace. You know. Rock it
Please don't knock it
Ain't nobody fuckin' with my clique
Maybach Music, that's what they all say
Some niggas don't understand
It cost to talk this way
So the more bottles get sent to me
Is one big 'Fuck You' to this industry
Cause I'm feeling like I made it now
Now these niggas know I'm cashin' out (Oh Yeah)


[Verse 3: Audio Push]
Diamonds all in my Hendo
Had sex on the first night, told her I loved her and now I'm involved
I wore a trojan magnum so don't think that
I was unprotected when I say I been raw, but I been raw
Never could pay the rent off
Now your boy connected to the money like an in-law, ugh
Got diamonds all in watch, nigga (Yeah, Trinidad)
Don't believe me just watch, nigga
Yeah they hate that we gettin [?], nigga
Yeah that's [?] and [?], nigga
I'm a sure [?], alright I got my dress braided down, girl take a nap
Blowing on that medical you know we probably got it from the clinic
You a naughty girl, real party girl
Only wanna stand up on them couches and I only wanna hit it
No love lost when your clothes off
So if you really down let me know
I'm with it if you with it
Jump off in that white thing do the night thing
Give her the keys and tell her baby drive the speed limit
I'm drinking, she driving
And I'm smoking good on my laid back shit
[?] on that Maybach shit
Middle finger to you haters this is hate back, bitch
We off the brown
And we sipping it to the last drop
She wondering how my chain and watch
Got the same shine that my glass got, bitches

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