Omarion – Intro lyrics

[Talking: Omarion]
What up y'all
It's the one and only aka Luke Skywalker
Embrace the awakening (I'm on some new shit)
Yo look this is not an experiance
This is my life
Open up to you guys like a book
Let's read
And it reads (I'm on some new shit)

It's time to revalate our boundaries
Our perceptions
And change everthing (I'm on some new shit)
I am fearless and unafraid
This is... the awakening

[Talking: DJ Drama]
You know 'Mari
Alot of artist have come on go
Since you've been here
I mean since you were a young boy (man)
Alot of artist that's still here
Even had a chance to wake up
They still sleepin'
Career and everything

So with that bein' said
I got you on this new beginning
This new music
This new movement
This is the awakening
Time to rise up people... let's go

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