Omarion – Luke Skywalker (Bullshittin) (feat. Method Man) lyrics

Hello, hello, hello world
I'm a talk some shit right now
Let's go

[Verse 1: Omarion]
I can't understand, y'all so quick to believe
I guess I'm in demand, y'all keep discussing me
I hardly floss but, I got everything first
How much it cost? What!? That ain't none of ya... (uh!)
I go up in the store and I be coppin' shit
I need a new passport, too many stamps in it
I'm too global for these local conversations
Was just in Par-ee at L'Arc now that's a conversation
Peace. Greece. Rome. What the fuck you on?
Don't act like I ain't did this
Took a break from the throne
To make it more interesting, watch what I put on
Throwing it down when I leave I'm still there like my cologne
It's sad to see what everybody doing to get on
The game copy cat'n, ain't nobody got they own
They all on the dance floor looking a mess
Put us on stage and let's see who the best

(With the bullshit)

I ain't even tryna hear it!
My speakers too LOUD!
Y'all niggas need to quit it with that!
Go miss me with that!
I give away the steez and I'm never wanting it back!
So why you!? (bullshitin)
Step yo game up!
Ray-Ban visions need to step ya frames up!
Why ya!? (bullshitin)
Y'all niggas take a listen!
I'm Luke Skywalker
Outerspace, pay attention

[Verse 2: Method Man]
See y'all ain't paying dues, so y'all ain't touching me
My name stay in the new, y'all keep discussing me
Ain't like them other dudes, I cock the ruger back
Cause I ain't in the mood, I'm into moving packs
I like my money long, my favorite color green
So what you dummies on? I'm on that butter cream
I keep it gutta for my brothers in the state pen
Got hung up by the jury, co-defendent made a statement
Stop. Look. Listen. What is it you sniffing?
Got killers in my crew
If I was you, I'd keep my distance
To make it more personal, watch me slip the clip in
That's on my life
But when it come to mics, I'm on my Pippin
Ain't hard to find, a brother gotta grind to make a living
These players making millions but owners make decisions
This here's the bottom line I don't think you wanna cross
I'm Tony Danza with it
Now admit it, who the boss?


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