Once Upon A Mattress soundtrack – Carol Burnett - Happily Ever After lyrics

Album: Once Upon A Mattress

They all lived happily happily happily ever after
The couple is happily leaving the chapel eternally tied
As the curtain descends there is nothing but loving and laughter
When the fairy tale ends the heroins always a bride
Ella the girl of the cinders
Did the wash and the walls and the winders
But she landed a prince who was brawny and blue eyed and blond
Still I honestly doubt that she could ever have done it without that
Crazy lady with the wand--Cinderella had outside help
I've got no one but me
Fairy godmother godmother godmother where can you be?
I haven't got a fairy godmother. I haven't got a godmother.
I have a mother. A plain, ordinary woman.
Snow White was so pretty they tell us
That the queen was insulted and jealous
When the mirror declared that Snow White was the fairest of all
She was dumped on the border
But was saved by some men who adored her
Oh I grant you they were small
But there were 7 of them practically a regiment
I'm alone in the night
by myself not a dwarf not an elf not a goblin in sight
That girl had 7 little men working day and night just for her
Oh sure the queen gave her a poisoned apple.. even so
She lived happily happily happily ever after
A magical kiss counteracted the apple eventually
Though I know I'm not clever I'll do what they tell me I hafta
I want some happily ever after to happen to me
[Rapunzel had platinum tresses
That were double the length of her dresses
She was kept in a tower for years by a wicked old witch
Till one night in despair down
She scrambled by letting her hair down
That's what I call quite a switch
I wonder no it'll never hold
I'll be finished before I begin
And besides]
{Winnifred Pade of the myre
Has one simple human desire
Oh I ask for no more that two shoes on the floor next to mine
Oh someone to fly and to float with
To swim in the marsh and the moat with
As for this one well, he'd be fine
but now it's all up to me!
And I'm burning to bring it about
If I don't I'll be stuck with goodbye and good luck and get out
I don't want to get out I want to get in
I wanna get into some happily happily ever after}
[I don't want to get out I want to get in
I want to live happily happily happily ever after]
I want to walk happily out of the chapel eternally tied
For I know I'll never live happily ever after till after i'm a bride
Then I'll be happily happy
Yes happily happy
And thouroughly satisfied

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