Orange County soundtrack – The Ataris - Radio #2 lyrics

Album: Orange County

Meet me at midnight
At the broadcast tower
High above the hollywood sign
You bring the explosives and I'll bring my radio (radio)

Everyone will come from miles around
To witness this beautiful site
We'll set bonfires and pretend its the 4th of July

This is the starting of a brand new evolution
Bite the hand that feeds
Stand up and fight against messages that they're sending
Stop their frequency

Your always talkin' its never ending
It's about time that we turned off the radio
Call the request lines and tell them that its over
Your always playin' all of the same songs
Over and over again
Its about time that we all turned off the radio


We'll listen to b-sides and sing along
To anthems of the years gone by
Integrity and honesty will prevail tonight
When its all over (when its all over)
One question still remains
Why do so many bands never make it to the radio


Look outside your fm dial
They're reaching us for one more time
A generation without a voice
It's stripped of pride

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