Oscar Brand – The Winnipeg Whore lyrics

My first trip up the Chippeway River,
My first time to Canadian shore,
There I met a young Miss Flannegan,
Commonly known known as a Winnipeg Whore.

"Well", said she to me, "I like your riggin',
Let me sit upon your knee,
If you want a little lovin'
A Dollar and a half Is my usual fee".

Well, up run the whores and the sons o bitches,
Up to the number of forty or more,
Grabbed my shirt, my shoes, and my britches,
And I went a high-tailin' outta that door

Well, in Winnipeg I learned my lesson,
Learned it good cause I learned it there.
If you wanna visit a Winnipeg whore, boys,
Better make sure that you visit her bare!

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