Otis Redding – You're Still My Baby lyrics

Album: Dictionary Of Soul

You're gone away
And you done left me alone, yeah
I've got nobody to call my own
I believe it's bye bye, baby, yeah
I wish you a lot of luck, darling
But you're still my baby
My my my baby

Told you i love you, honey
Yes, i did
Many, many, many times again, yeah
I've always played a losing hand
But it's bye, bye, bye, baby
That's what you're telling me
I wish you a lot of luck, darling
But i'm letting you know
You're still my baby
Ooh yeah

You may be, yes you may be
A thousand miles away, yeah
No matter how far or you may be
Looking at me somewhere
Right here in this town, lord, lord
But tell me all i, all i
All i want to know, know
Tell me, tell me what did i do, honey
Why, why, why did you put me down
Darling, darling

Somebody, somebody help me
Out of all this pain
But i've always played a losing game
But it's bye bye, baby, yeah
That's what you tellin'
Lots of luck, darling
But i want you to know
That you're still my baby, my baby, my baby, yeah
You're still my baby, yeah
I want you to know
No matter where you go
No matter where i see you
I want you to be my baby
No matter what in the world you do
Honey, i want you to be my baby...

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