Our Lady Peace – Is It Safe? lyrics

Album: Naveed

time can't fix it fast enough,
so we won't notice what it was that went wrong
I saw something there much too familiar
a butterfly with a broken wing
she's fallen under, she's past the end,
communication is down again
the scars have healed but they're back again
we've got to believe this man must bend
because if you could you'd try and destroy her
and there we would be with nothing at all

Is it safe to be a man
when your tired and lonely
only the confident know where to stand

Is it safe to be man
when the world is loaded with thousands
that can't figure out just what they did
time can't fix it fast enough,
so we won't measure just how far below you kept pushing her
you'll have to pay back all of the years that you stole
she's walking backwards,
she's spun around her ears are ringing loud,
how does it feel, does it make you mad?
she's on her knees
please understand how obvious it is
that this man must bend

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