Peewee Longway – Jugg 4 Me lyrics

Album: The Blue M&M, Vol. 2: King Size

I've got a hundred bag play, are you down to jugg for me? (Baby!)
It's understood, on my rack, I'm with you under your honor
Put your feelings to the side, I'm the nigga you want
I got a hundred bag jugg, are you down to do it for me baby?(Jugg! Jugg! Jugg!)
I got a hundred bag play, are down to jugg for me baby!?(Jugg! Jugg! Jugg! Jugg for me baby!)
I just want to know if you gon' jugg baby. (I just want to know, I just want to know.)
I just want to know if your gon' do it for me baby (I just want to know if your gon jugg for me baby!)

Verse 1:
I got a hundred bag jugg, you down to snatch it?(for me!?)(Bags!)
Pull up serve a nigga with the ratchet.(With the Gas!)
Dressing in medusa super classy
You put it on the line, I'm down to match it
Standing in front of the judge hatchet
To leave it in his or her casket
I just want to show you that I'm down for you baby!
Put your feelings inside a bag of blue hundreds
We on that trap or die shit, baby doin numbers
Trapping in the trenches, baby cook it like my mama
Hibachi chicken, we serving places, Benihanna.(Crack)
Blue Benjamin's in your buscemi purse is full of hundreds

Baby you deserve this
Hundred bag jugg make you nervous
Come down to it no swerving
Fuck twelve cause I swear you allergic!
(Longway Bitch!)


Verse 2:
Crocodile skin, hundred thousand dollar luggage
I'm a load her down with ten tell her bring me back a 30
Ferragamo buckle on my waist the 40 hold a 30
The Fed a risk, baby Fuck em if they're try to give you 30
Ima stay down with you, I ain't the type of nigga, do you dirty
We can put it in blood, I'm talking fucking 730
Gotta show you the lean, I'm sipping on muddy
Show you shit you never seen,taking flights out the country(drug money)
Allergic to broke niggas, they pockets like bugs bunny
Everybody, everybody Yo Gotti!
Spent a hundred on her pinky toe, that bitch just like Mariah
Bet her mama and her friends know about it



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