Peewee Longway – Lobby Runners (Intro) lyrics

Album: Lobby Runners

It's a lifestyle, you know
I'm young and I'm rich, I'm a fuckin nigga, ok haha
I think Longway's called the blue M&M okay
You should call him the blue M&M
Or fuckin' else
By the way I'm thinkin' of signin' keem
Hoodrich Keem I'm thinkin' bout signin'
Pretty boy I love him to death
Think again though
Think again though
I want all of you guys to be feel free (cough, excuse me)
I want all of you guys in the world to be feel free
To Join the Lobby Runners
We runnin' round the lobby
We runnin' round the fuckin' lobby okay
My name is Young Thug
Thank You

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